Nicholas publishes Flints and Flashes: Volume One

These are vignettes, told in personal anecdotes, from the life of one member of an extraordinarily privileged generation. A generation which emerged very young from the war clouds, the destruction and the universal living constraints of World War II, into a world which, despite the looming presence of the Cold War, gradually shook off the tightly bound behaviour of the wartime period and began to expand simultaneously in economic prosperity, cultural innovation and personal freedom. It was a privileged minority who benefitted most from these changes. They were in the main, as Tresilian points out, the beneficiaries of good families, good education, good friends and good luck.

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In this first volume of Flints and Flashes, Nicholas Tresilian delights in leading us on a merry dance through much of the twentieth century, as seen by a man fortunate enough to be born in that time of plenty, that time of growth.

From a cold boarding school in England to writing poetry at Cambridge, to setting up radio stations around the world; how his great travels around Europe and across the world led to feasts in the tomb of a long dead pharaoh and admiring the frowning shoulder pads of Bulgaria in the ’90s (where he ran a radio station), taking him all the way through to the peaceful ruminations on the swallows resting in his tree when he moved to live in Spain.

Frequently hilarious, always insightful, these Flints and Flashes glitter off the blade of Tresilian’s boundless memory.

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